Who am I

Degree in Physical Education, Sports teacher, fitness professional with more than 10 years of experience in the field of training and coaching strength, conditioning and movement. My main sport is Judo, I did competitions for about 20 years, now teach to children, adults and athletes.

My job is to help people improve their wellness as much as athletes improve sports performance.

I would like to give everybody real life results, make people move and feel better.

Life is movement and first of all we should be able to move our own body. Before we grab any type of weight or jump on any machine we should be able to handle our body, just as well as we did when we were little kids.

That for me is the most important point when I coach people, so my philosophy is simple: train movements, not muscles!

So many times I see people running with horrible form, lifting weights with no technique, working out with no sense.

They get tired but not better, because they want to do but don’t know what and how.

I am here for this purpose, if you like it I will be your guide. Get ready, let’s go!

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